Boost Your Memory with these Super Foods

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From time to time, we have memory lapses. How many times have you stood up from your cozy chair and then failed to remember why? Have you been in a restaurant looking at the menu and then forget what it is you wanted when the server starts taking orders? If this happens to you quite often, it's natural that you'd start thinking you're going to have Alzheimer's. The good news is your memory problems are not likely to be signs of Alzheimer's. You can try improving your memory in a number of ways. For instance, are you aware that you can have improved memory by eating superfoods?

Did you know that tea is considered a superfood that can help improve memory? Tea is rich in antioxidants which is really helpful for your brain. They help by attacking the free radicals that might be getting in your way. One of the nice things about tea is that you can drink it at any time of the day. For instance, in the mornings and evenings, you can have hot tea. On a hot day, you can cool yourself with a tall glass of iced tea. And if you're at work, you can drink tea during your break times. Tea is not a boring drink either news-and-happenings because there are dozens of tea flavors out there that you can enjoy. So improve your memory by adding tea to your regular diet.

Make sure that you eat enough leafy green veggies. Not just that but make sure you are eating dark green leafy vegetables. This is something that can be easily done. If you enjoy your salads, why not use mostly dark leafy green vegetables for your ingredients? A cup of raw spinach has 15% of the amount of vitamin E that you need each day.

It's not known how folates help the brain to work properly, but they do promote better brain function.

You need to keep your body well-hydrated. Believe it or not, water is a super food. Water is an important substance that the body needs and in sufficient amounts. Water is crucial to the proper functioning of our brain and muscles. If you find yourself forgetting things, one possible cause of this is that your brain is dehydrated. So to make sure your brain is properly hydrated, drink plenty of water daily.

There are all sorts of things that you can do to improve your memory. For one, you can solve puzzles. You can read a lot of books. You should also reduce the time you watch TV or play online.

One of the simplest things to do, though, is to eat the right foods. Don't laugh, but there are memory superfoods out there that can help with memory improvement.

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